Puffin Web Browser 1.6.2921 Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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The Puffin Browser application is a mobile phone browser that has the ability to provide one of the fastest web browsing experience on the mobile devices with Android and iPhone platforms. The users can enjoy full website browsing and video watching and also has java enabled. However the program also has some limitations so the users are advised to check on every feature before purchasing.

The application has an active development and stability improvement and user feedback is appreciated by the development team. The users can contact and express their opinions on YouTube, Facebook or tweet about it.

These are some of the features this web browser contains:

A good browsing speed and the possibility to further increase it by modifying the image, video and certain objects quality for rendering.

Cloud computing allows the web pages to be browsed very fast and this boost is also available on lower quality or entry level phones.

Flash support is continuously improved for website content and video watching.

The application UI allows switching the pages with one click with the help of the multi-tab system. This feature can also be turned on or off from the settings menu depending on the users choice.

Support for multiple levels of bookmarks and URL suggestion is a good addition to the application.

The users can switch between desktop browsing mode and mobile browsing mode depending on the preferences.

A popup blocker is available to make sure you do not get any unwanted content from a website or redirections you not need.

For increasing the browser space there is a hide status bar option very handy when watching complex website content.

There is the option to clear browser cache, cookies or history.

Most of the languages and international web pages input are supported by the program interface and rendered correctly.

The users can send any information they want such as links, webpages, or images to their Dropbox accounts to save and view them later.

Despite all these features however this program also has a couple of drawbacks the users should know about. For example flash games do have complete support and gameplay optimization on it, there is no optimization for video or audio files and the playback for these file types may be a bit choppy. Geo restricted websites also may have issues when viewed by people outside the US.

As a conclusion this application has its advantages but also can hold space for further improvements especially regarding Java support.

Puffin Browser gives you the fastest web browsing experience.

Puffin Web Browser is a fast browser to view the full version of websites and enjoy millions of videos on your Android smartphones and tablets.

Please read the Limitations section before buying the app :)

We are constantly adding features and improving stability of the product. We would love to hear from you! The best way to give us your feedback is to post on our Facebook page so that we can provide you timely assistance.

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+Render the full version of webpages extremely fast through cloud computing

+The performance enhancement is even more noticeable on lower-end smartphones


+Great support for Flash websites

+Play millions of Flash videos on most of the websites


+Multi-tab UI allows you to switch between webpages with one click

+Default setting for tablets: on, default setting for smartphones: off. The tab bar can be turned on in the settings menu.



+URL suggestion

+Switch between mobile browser and desktop browser mode

+Popup blocker

+Hide status bar to increase the vertical space in the browser

+Option to clear browser history, cookies, or cache

+Support most of the international web pages and language input

+Cloud storage service integration. Send URL links, webpages, or images to your Dropbox account


+Not optimized for Flash games yet

+Not optimized for videos and audios yet. Video and audio playbacks might be choppy.

+Work best with WiFi connection in Version 1.6

+For geo-restricted websites, if youre based outside the US, you may not be able to view the webpage content based on your current locale.

System Requirements:

No special requirements

Puffin Web Browser 1.6.2921 Free Download screenshot